Getting Out of This Pointless Relationship

Question: Dear Luise: I need a fresh perspective. My boyfriend has physically abused me twice in the last month. He currently lives with me and I have asked him to leave. I want to know if I have made the right decision concerning this pointless relationship. Is that what you’d call it? Why do I keep doubting myself? I hope you can help me. Sincerely, Lisa

Answer: Hi Lisa: Thanks for dropping by . I can sure give you a vote of confidence for kicking that guy out! You have lots of documentation for labeling it a pointless relationship, even a dangerous one. Doubting yourself is probably pretty normal, too, because there was a reason you let him move in, in the first place. Something about him was probably pretty special, initially. That’s what’s so hard. We give up the good stuff when we decide to get rid of what definitely doesn’t work.

If you haven’t done some reading about abusive relationships, I’d suggest you do that. I would also suggest that you see if you can find a support group to work with while you are coming out the other side of this mess. The web will offer you quite a few options. Also, many phone books contain hot-line information. Go for it! Know that you deserve better, Lisa. You do! Know that no boyfriend at all is better than this one, and who says you won’t connect with a “new and improved model” soon! Make room for him in your life! Blessings, Luise

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