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Question: Dear Luise: Well, we did it…we went to an estate sale and bought a used Cardinal, one of the line of Forest River Travel Trailers. To tell you the truth we’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. Even though we are seniors, this is our first venture into RVing. There is SO much to learn! Right now, we are trying to get the gist of holding tanks…their care and feeding. Could you offer us your wisdom in that area plus any tips you might have for the open-road newbee? We’d sure appreciate it! John and Thelma

Answer: Dear Mr. And Mrs. Newbee, welcome to the wonderful world of wandering! The first thing I would suggest is that you read everything you got in the way of guarantees and instructions with your purchase. Secondly, check out Forest River Travel Trailers at their website at to learn what you can about your new baby. Follow that up by contacting the dealer where it was purchased. Introduce yourselves and learn what benefits are available to second owners.

Before you even think about hooking up and hitting the road, talk with other RVers. I would suggest you join one or more travel clubs like the Good Sams and Escapees. One of the most important items on your start-up list should be support. Every feasible kind of support imaginable will come in handy sooner or later.

Buy books and devour them, subscribe to magazines. Much of this you may have done before making your purchase, but don’t quit now. When you take your first trip, make it a short one and go with friends. Learn to wade before you try to swim!

Also, use senior facilities in your travels. You’ll find Senior Centers everywhere that offer great meals and fellowship. Some even allow overnight parking!

Holding tanks need to be treated with respect. I think the most serious mistake that is made is to hook up the sewer line and leave the black tank valve open. That’s the sewage from your toilet. Very soon, the corrugated sewer line can get clogged and then you are in deep trouble. What a mess! The way to avert it is to keep the valve closed until the tank needs to be emptied. Then when you open it, the force of the weight of the contents of the tank allows a clean dump. Keep chemicals in both tanks. And again, read your instructions, talk to others and take it slow. Slow is the fast way to learn.

Forest River Travel Trailers have a wonderful reputation. I’m not familiar with the Cardinal model but I looked it up when you wrote to me. Gorgeous! Blessings, Luise

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