Fixing And Selling Used RVs At RV Camping clubs

Question: Hi Luise: I ran across your web site when I was searching for information on RV Camping Clubs. We’re thinking of starting a business buying used RVs at auctions and then fixing them up. We could re-sell reconditioned park-model RVs to those seeking an affordable second home and used RVs to people preferring camping club based road trips! Mark can fix anything mechanical and I can redo the interiors. We know we won’t get rich doing this, but thought it might be a fun side business. Since you have experience buying used RVs and using a camping club, in your opinion would this be a good place for us to resell the ones we fix up? And do you think there is a market for them? Cheryl

Answer: Dear Cheryl: I could never do what you have in mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. I just can’t keep the resale budget in line, so I lose money or break even at best. You would have to be extremely careful, money-wise to make it work. Could you make the unit your home during the project to lower your overhead and increase your profit?

A camping club is a great place to sell reconditioned road models, but it would be too expensive to buy a lot/membership for the purpose of showcasing them. Park-model RVs are a different matter. They are stationary, so you would be buying and selling your lot/membership every time you turned one over. Maybe you could combine the two!

When you look into RV Camping Clubs ask the sales people about fixing up and selling a unit at a time. Let them know that you want to keep doing it until you get a really nice rig for yourself. You need to be sure there is no rule that precludes your doing that. Most parks don’t allow businesses within their boundaries, so you might need to stay very low-key.

Done frugally and cautiously, it could work and be fun! Blessings, Luise

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