We Want Her Out Of Here

Question: Dear Luise: Everything at our office was going smoothly until a new employee messed it all up. She is always disruptive, noisy and laughing. She did some work that was seen as outstanding and innovative and got promoted to mid-level supervisor, which is what I am. And just because we were a little cool at first, she refuses to have breaks with three out of four of us. The fourth one we really like, but she wants to hang out with this misfit. She takes extra long lunch hours and breaks and generally ignores the rules. The office manager won’t listen to us. What can we do to get rid of her? Thank you, Lisa T.

Answer: Dear Lisa: This woman is the problem of your manager. She is not your problem. If your mutual boss doesn’t mind her behavior then there is nothing you can do about it. If he hasn’t put a stop to your complaints, which are open criticism of how he runs his office, then it looks to me like he lacks some much-needed skills. Likewise, if he hasn’t put a damper on your nemesis and brought her into line, it reflects the same thing.

It’s time to focus elsewhere and rise above what’s going on. The more you fuss about it, the more stress you are going to create for yourselves, since it sounds like there are three of you that are having a problem with the situation. Also your reactions may not enhance your status, office-wide.

Conduct yourselves in the way you consider proper for a business office and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t let her have this kind of power over you. Blessings, Luise

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