I Can’t Get A Straight Answer

Question: Dear Luise: I have a financial problem that I don’t know how to resolve. I am going to a massage therapist that charges $75. for an hour and a half treatment. When I started with her last March, after an awful fall, she told me $25. a session would be fine. Since I am still going to her eight times a month, I have raised the question repeatedly regarding whether that is still OK. She waffles around and I can’t get a clear answer. Last week she finally said that when I get my finances in good shape I can give her “a raise”. I’m on a fixed income and my finances aren’t going to change. What should I do about this situation? Tonya A.

Answer: Dear Tonya: She is telling you what she wants. You just aren’t hearing her. She wants more money. Unfortunately, instead of making the decision, she is putting it off on you each time you bring it up.

You don’t want to change anything because the arrangement suits you well, so it just goes on and on. It’s time to put a stop to it. Let her know that the amount you are paying, which sounds like it is about $200. a month is your maximum, unless you can find a way to up it to $300. Is that possible? Then, arrange to see her four times a month instead of eight. That way you will be “giving her a raise”…since at $300. a month, you will be paying full price and she will be able to see four more people a month at full price, as well.

These things can be cumbersome and can eventually cause hard feelings and even relationship breakdowns. Don’t let that happen. Evidently she sees you are pretty special. Let her know that you find her to be pretty special, too. Be proactive and clean this situation up, ASAP. Blessings, Luise

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