Career Dilemma Is Paralyzing

Question: Dear Luise: For the past several years I have been experiencing a number of physical problems that have made it challenging to begin my massage therapy practice. My marriage, also, has not been terribly great during this time. I do have the opportunity to sell cosmetics, yet that possibility is intimidating as the cosmetics are not as holistic as I would like in order to be successful at it, and most people are put off by the brand of cosmetics anyway. I feel that I’m at a crossroads of life, but unsure of which path to take. Can you shed any light on this? Thanks, Carolyn

Answer: Dear Carolyn: It sounds to me like you have ruled out the cosmetics, at least the brand you have been offered. Are there any other brands that meet your holistic qualifications that you could sell with an enthusiastic endorsement? That might be worth looking into if you haven’t already. You don’t go into what’s going on in your marriage except to express vague discontent. So, that brings us to your physical problems and the fact that you are delaying working in the massage field.
Do you see the pattern here? You don’t sound anywhere near a crossroads as yet to me. It sounds like you have never even gotten started. What do you want to do? What would make your heart sing? It would appear that you had a serious interest in massage work, since you went to school and became licensed. I understand that’s no small feat. Do your physical issues preclude your ever practicing that line of work or are they an excuse to stall? I’d like you to look more closely at the way you have presented all of this. Then I would suggest you address these things one at a time. Have the physical problems been resolved? If so, do you really want to do massage work? Is it possilbe that you’d reather study and remain dependent that work as an adult? Be honest with yourself…why did you learn it, otherwise? Was it a mistake? Are you afraid to start your own practice? If so, can you work for someone else until you get your feet wet? If you can’t or won’t look closely at these questions and bring them to resolution, then I would recommend counseling with someone who is able to help you move through it. Whatever you do, don’t give up on yourself, Carolyn, because all of these questions have answers! Blessings, Luise

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