Could A Used Tioga Motorhome Be Too Fat

Question: Dear Luise: We’ve been looking at a used Tioga motorhome. It’s a Class C recreational vehicle for sale by owner. We especially like the cab and the overhead bed. However, the rig is really wide. Is it true that some states have restrictions on width? Do you have any information on this and how it might affect or limit us? We can’t wait long because the owner’s wife is entering long term care and the price is exceptional. Thanks for helping. Clara and Mike

Answer: Dear Clara and Mike: Fleetwood makes really great class C RVs. I especially like their Tioga and Jamboree lines. They’ve been around a long time and have proven to be very reliable, if well maintained.

When you are looking at something that is for sale by owner, you may be invited into their home to discuss it further. If that happens, notice the shape the house and yard are in. That will tell you a lot about the people you are buying from. It’s not just the age of the RV but also the kind of use it’s had and the way it’s been stored that can make all the difference.

Do not be overly concerned about the width. All manufactures stay within the maximum limits so that traveling from one state to another is never a problem. Some RVs are actually wider than others, some just look that way because of design and short ones can sometimes appear “fatter”. The only place I have found width to be crucial is on narrow bridges. I stop and wait for the on-coming car to pass, if I have any doubts at all.

Length is a consideration as well, especially if you plan to tow another vehicle. It’s best to allow for that even if you don’t want to start out towing a car, because you may decide to at a later date. You also want to think about parking, shopping, traversing narrow streets and other unusual circumstances where length is a factor. It’s easy to make a wrong turn in a strange city and find yourself in tight quarters.

Many people don’t realize it, but the height of your RV is something you should be very aware of. There are low bridges, underpasses and parking garage entrances… so know your exact height and watch carefully for the signs that let you know height restrictions.

Talk with the owner. Ask for some pointers about maneuverability. He may be happy to provide you with helpful information. Sounds like it could be Tioga Time! Blessings, Luise

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