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Question: Dear Luise: Do you know of a good weight loss plan for seniors? Since I am older my metabolism isn’t what it use to be. I have tried Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I don’t like having to go in and would prefer a program I can do on my own. Any ideas? Dot

Answer: Dear Dot: Weight loss plans vary as much as we do and provide content for websites for people of all ages, sizes and walks of life. For most of us it’s pretty much a beanbag toss but I can tell you which one is my favorite and why, if you’d like.

Like you, I am not too interested in the groupie approach and being publicly monitored. What has interested me is why my weight has become an issue after all these years and I think you are right about the metabolic shifts that come with age and decreased activity.

Anne Louise Gittleman is a nutritionist of some considerable reputation and I love her website. I am also partial to programs that have a good, solid book to follow, which hers does. It’s entitled The Fat Flush Plan. On top of that, I have a lazy streak and don’t want to run all over the place looking for what I need to buy to follow the program. Her site also allows me to easily purchase what’s needed.

As a former nurse, I am very interested in how our eating habits have evolved and how our society has accepted changes both subtle and blatant. So, I like to study. It’s very interesting to me to read about the pesticides we ingest with our fruits and vegetables and the hormones, metals and antibiotics that are part and parcel of our meat, fish and poultry intake. We are a careless nation as a whole, addicted to short cuts and high profits. Then we try to fix it with endless, head-in-sand approaches from acupressure to Yoga…instead of looking more closely at cause and effect.

So, that’s my base line…to eat purer, healthier foods and to restore my body to a less toxic state where it can deal more adequately with the processes of diet and exercise. In addition to needing to increase my metabolism through healthy exercise, I see my excess weight as evidence that preservatives and pollutants have created poor digestive processes and need to be eliminated from my food intake.

If you’re interested, get a copy of The Fat Flush Plan, spend some time on Gittleman’s very informative website and see what you think. Blessings, Luise

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