Family Dilema

Question : Dear Luise: had eye surgery on Mar.2 which left my vision worse. two
weeks later I found my ex-husband dead in his apt., two weeks later I
was written up at work for being too slow, have a lot of health
problems getting worse due to stress at work I knew they were
harassing me to make me quit to not pay me unemployment. put up with
it for a yr I finally put a complaint and they fired me.  I did not
have any proof they wanted someone younger I am able to collect
unemployment.  That being said, my 35 yr old son is living with me, he
quit his job from the same company We decided to start a resale
business together by buying storage lockers and selling.  my son and I
have had our differences on managing the business.  I feel we have to
market ourselves to be different.  Example at our garage sale I
offered a $20 gift card if you purchased $10 from our sale their name
would be entered into drawing for  card. purchase $20 they could enter
2 times and $30 for 3 times max. asked people if they liked the idea
said yes and we were unique, organized  best garage sale they had ever
been to. my son thought a waste of money, bad idea.  Another example,
we had a garage sale at home because our truck was in the shop and we
couldn’t go to the flea mkt so our Sat. was very slow, didn’t even
sell $30 but when I suggested we sell also on Sun. my son thought a
bad idea because our Sun. are usually slower than Sat. I thought we
should because what else were we going to do anyway, some money was
better than none.  I’ve already told him that I don’t like his
attitude and feel like we should not work together.  He apologized but
is now having this attitude again.  I have been looking for a job but
doubt anyone will hire me due to my age (60) and since I was fired
from my job.  I haven’t had  an interview.  been looking for 6 months.
My unemployment will run out in about 2 weeks. MJ

Answer: Dear MJ: It sounds to me like you and your son are on to something unique. It may be worth it to you to work harder on your differences since you have a good thing going. I know it isn’t easy to have to work with a partner, so it’s up to bothof you to give it your best. Those who like your sales and going to be telling others and your business is going to grow. Blessings, Luise

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