Everything Is Going So Fast

Question: Dear Luise: me and my boyfriend have been dating for about three months and he has already ask me to marry him i already said yes but im not sure everything is going to fast. please help me thx –D.

Answer: Dear D.: You are wise. Three months isn’t enough time for most of us to base a life decision on. Let your guy know that you are deeply touched and very involved but need time to get your bearings and to get acquainted beyond the “fog” of infatuation. If he doesn’t support that, beware, because if you are not “heard and honored” now, you never will be. This is your first opportunity to disagree and to work it out.

Marriage is for life, if and when it works, and when it doesn’t work, it is usually about underlying incompatibility, immaturity and differing beliefs and values that show up “later.” Getting divorced is terrible for most of us and often for the children who come along in the middle of the conflict. Step back and take your time. If that isn’t acceptable, move on. Blessings, Luise

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