I want an Economical and Versatile Home on Wheels

Question: Dear Luise; I came across your website while looking for information on small houses on wheels.  I am interested in something that is about 300 to 400 sq. ft, but is also off-grid usable, stays mobile, and is as energy efficient as possible.  Oh, yeah…and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!  My budget is really limited.  Anything that you can offer in the way of info would be very much appreciated. D.

Answer: Dear D.: You can get a lot of square footage in a park model RV but they aren’t going to be versatile enough for you. Once you set one up, it’s stationary and you usually need the grid.

To be road-worthy, large and usable off the grid, you will probably end up with a fifth wheel. They are usually seen as easier to pull and maneuver than a standard trailer.

The best way to economize is with a used unit, of course. There are lots of websites where you can price them and look at options. However, you will also have to find a good truck to pull it unless you are going to hire that done.

Here’s a URL that’s as good a place as any to start your education: It’s an article about RV length and what it involves to go for the maximum length with slide-outs.


The more you study and read and ask…the less chance there will be that you will make a costly mistake. If you can, rent one to get the feel of it and to find out where your comfort level is. If you do that, talk to other owners in the parks where you stay.

And I’d recommend that you join the Escapees Club: www.escapees.com/ Then…get in touch with some of their members via email and in person. They’re the ones who “know”. Blessings, Luise

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