Should I Drive a Diesel-pusher RV?

Question: Dear Luise: Okay-I have a 40′ diesel pusher. My driver has died and I’m chicken to drive this thing. I had a 36′ Foretravel and it was No Problem, but this has the bus set up and is hard to judge turns. I hate to give up. Help! B.

Answer: Dear B.: Sometimes giving up saves lives. That doesn’t mean that you need to give up but it also isn’t wise to move into an RV that you would never have purchased for yourself and don’t feel comfortable driving. That said, a big rig might be the next challenge that you are willing to “grow into.”

It’s often a personal matter. I never got beyond a 21′ on a one-ton chassis. I passed everything on the road and I also passed countless gas stations. A “weenie” RV and driver? Maybe to some; not to me.

Depending on where you live, there are classes available for diesel-pusher neophytes. If the make is being sold locally, you can also appeal to their staff regarding where to seek driving instructions. More often than not they know because lessons come with the sale of a new one. Practicing is essential; parking lots…out in the sticks…places where you are not at risk.

From what you wrote, my guess is that it’s not for you and you wish it were. If that’s the case, I would error on the side of safe and stress-free RVing…and pass on it. Blessings, Luise

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