Doing RV Research without Hype

Question: My wife and I are just getting into RV camping and we want to be careful. We want to start with a used model but middle of the road pricing. We have looked at a lot of different trailers but it’s hard to find a web site that gives unbiased opinions of different trailers and 5th wheels. Is there a web site out there that we can find info on specific trailers without a SALES PITCH. C.

Answer: Dear C.: My favorite RV research web resource is:

Their publications can be purchased in either hard copy or e-book form and are highly respected in the industry. Since they are not affiliated with any specific RV manufacturer, I think you will get the kind of objectivity that you are looking for.

I feel that buying a used and much-loved RV is the way to go but you need to be well informed before you check the market. Be sure to contact your bank and any other banks in your area for repos. A friend of my just got a beautiful, $65,000. 5th wheel, bank repo for $20,000.

You are approaching a major purchase wisely. The more research you do…the less chance that you will buy on impulse and regret it or that you will base your selection on misinformation. Look closely at your preferences and needs…and talk to other RV owners. Happy Trails! Luise

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