We’re Looking at High Line Motorhomes With Our Dog In Mind

Question: Dear Luise: My husband and I just returned from the High Line Motorhome sales office and we’re almost ready to take the leap. I suppose this is a weird question but what’s holding us back is our need to talk with someone who has had some experience traveling with a dog. Do you? We really want the Castaway 510 but we just can’t leave “Mastiff”, (yes, that’s our Yorkie’s name), in a kennel. Is it safe to take a small dog into strange parks? Are there parks where they aren’t welcome? Is there any caution you know of that we might not? It’s such a huge purchase that we are not going to ask the salesperson. We want honest answers! Myra

Answer: Dear Myra: “Mother of Spoiled Pup” Speaking! We had a lot of the same questions when we started out because of our two small mutts…a Chihuahua mix, “Sunny”, and a Yorkie mix, “Daphie”. We did try boarding them out at first. They were just fine but we had a terrible time without them!

So, first I want to tell you that I looked up the Castaway High Line 510 under motorhomes class C for sale. That’s one thing that makes answering questions so much fun…finding out what other people like and why. And let me add that one of the most wonderful things about the one you are so interested in is that pups, at least our pups, love to ride up in the class C cab-over bed. They have a bird’s eye view of the world, which is a real treat for a tiny dog!

Our experience in parks is that you have to be careful when you’re walking your dog…but that’s true at home, too. Every park we ever visited had a leash law but that’s mandatory for small dogs, anyway, to protect them. Many places we went not only had bigger dogs…some had snakes, coyotes and eagles, as well. So caution is a necessity.

We found that all parks were very used to people like us who made absolute fools of themselves over their dogs. Kids grown and gone, grandkids, too…pups all the rage. More retired people travel with dogs than without them, in our experience. Park owners want happy campers and return business, and many offer dog-walks and doggie bags. That’s a must everywhere, picking up what they leave behind. Also some parks ask for proof of vaccinations, so always keep that data with you.

Why not close the deal on your High Line Motorhome and let “Mastiff” have a doghouse on wheels? You will meet lots of like-minded folks out there! Blessings, Luise

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