DMV Won’t Accept Our Title

Question: Dear Luise: I came across your site while looking for information on the manufacturer of the travel trailer my husband and I just bought. It’s a 1980 park model, and the title lists the make as “AMI”. Our DMV won’t let us transfer the title until we can find out what (if anything) AMI stands for. I’ve looked for decals, labels, name plates and can’t find anything. The trailer has been modified (tip-outs removed and walled over), and it’s been painted. Maybe you or anyone who reads has the information I need. Thanks. M.

Answer: Dear M: I have found that there are many different kinds of answers at the DMV depending on how power-hungry or accommodating the clerk is who waits on you. If you have a title, this seems ridiculous.

No…I don’t know about AMI but that shouldn’t hold you back. Don’t give up easily. Shop the DMVs near you and see if you can’t get a better level of cooperation. Blessings, Luise

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  1. Megan January 17, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Thanks for responding. 🙂 I contacted the DMV in Florida, where the trailer was last titled, and the only other information they had associated with the make “AMI” was “Tri-Ped”. I post this in case anyone else has the same issue come up.

    We’ve had to put getting a title on the back burner for now, as other things have had to take precedence, but we’ve moved into our new mini-mobile home and are getting comfortable.

    Great site, Ms. Luise. 🙂

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