Deficit Spending

Question: Dear Luise: I have a really hard time with deficit spending and impulse buying. Now that I’m using the web, I have made several purchases there that weren’t in my best interest either. I can’t seem to get my Visa paid off even with the best of intentions. (Well, we know what kind of a road they pave!) Some of it is habit and some of it is emotional, I think. Got any suggestions? Thanks so much. Maxie

Answer: Dear Maxie: This is often a very difficult thing to track down and get rid of. At least it was for me. Spending money and eating “treats”, can be emotionally gratifying, distracting and habit forming as well. You’re right on the money there. (Oops!)

I had to get rid of my credit cards to eliminate the deficit spending and then pay them off slowly. Truth be told, I had to so it several times.

Many of us were brought up lacking the necessities of life for a variety of reasons or being provided with the bare requirement with no frills. I was raised in the depression. Spending and “treats” can then be very reassuring and feel “temporarily” like abundance. Soon, another “fix” is needed because it wears off. Constantly indulging ourselves brings us the “warm-fuzzies”.

I got into a program on the web called The Solution by Laurel Melin. It was very helpful since it identified all such behavior as turning toward external solutions instead of creating inner strengths. It sure worked for me.

I have created a fat-free/debt-free life. It’s a long road back but well worth it to my way of thinking. Good luck. Blessings, Luise

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