How Can I Get in Touch with my Deceased Dad

Question: Dear Luise: My Dad passed to the other side in 2005. I stay in US. Miss my Dad. I am their only kid. I am their world. I only see him to say goodbye. Couldn’t be with him in his last moments because all was sudden. I want to know if there is a message from him to me…if he visits me…if he knows what I think and how much I miss him and love him…and if he knows how many times my eyes are filled with tears? I want to know because my heart aches with pain. I feel it will break really. I am not very happy. I really miss him. R

Answer: Dear R.: I am not able to answer any of those questions because I am not gifted in that way. I believe, although there are many who disagree with me, that there are people who are able to get in touch with those who have passed on. There are also a lot of people who pretend that they can do that, to make money off of those left behind. They are con artists and frauds. The trick is to know how to tell the difference.

When my apparently healthy, 52 year old son died very suddenly in his sleep in 2000, I had no idea how to even begin to deal with the loss and go on. I contacted friends about talking with a medium to see if Dwight wanted to get in touch with me. They gave me the name of a very reputable woman. Her name is Jenny Crawford and her web site is at:

I have no idea if she is the person for you to work with on this or not. I just know she was right for me and it made a huge difference. After making contact with him through Jenny, I was able to accept his death and get on with my life.

We get stuck. And I know how painful that can be. We don’t want to go on without the person we loved so deeply and who returned that love so faithfully. Even when we know it’s a mistake not to value the life we are still living, it is just too hard to see its value when our loved one is no longer physically present. This attitude can create pathology. Happiness evades us.

I once met a woman who was in a state of near-collapse because of her mother’s death. It was really awful. When I finally asked he how long her mother has been gone, she told me it was over 25 years. That’s what I mean by getting stuck and creating pathology in our lives.

I often feel my son’s presence. I even talk to him at times. When I want to hear what he has to say, I have a notebook where I write to him and then I write his answer back to me. And I’m at peace. He is alive in my heart and I believe that his spirit is as close and as accessible as my memories of him. Blessings, Luise

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