Custody of Grandson

Question: Dear Luise: My 24 year old makes helping her a chore.  I have bailed her
out of so many situations.  Moving here, and moving there. Always
asking for money that I didnt really have, but I gave her anyway.
Well she met this young man, boy that was 25 and had 3 children
already.  He was a professional moocher.  They lived with us, and knew
that we would not kick them out with the baby in tow.  So I was
treated horrible. Used and taken advantage of, screamed at.. finally
my husband said he could not take it anymore and kicked them out..
well they ended up moving to Tennessee, and we went to visit after
being sent a picture of an empty refridgerator. broke my heart, but
they know how how to get to me is thru the baby 🙁  He ended up
hitting her and police called after we had left from our visit.  Long
story short he went to jail, I had to pay to have them moved back
here, and she is in my house again.  Laying around until we have to
give her ultimatums to clean up after her and baby, do their laundry
etc…. As much as it kills me to say, that baby would have no
diapers, milk, food, clothes etc.. or a roof over his head if she
didnt stay with us.  She has been kicked out of many places because of
her laziness and disrespectful attitude. If she doesnt go to a friends
house to smoke her pot she is a tyrant to live with, and for the baby
too.  Lays around texting on her cell phone not paying him any
attention, and yells at him when he interupts her on her phone.  He is
19 months old   When i say anything I get screamed at, but i dont want
to make them move out because the baby will be homeless.  She doesnt
think about his well being at all.  Only that she can hold him over
our heads.  We( my mom, me, grams, and my husband) have supported them
since the baby was born.  Do we have any legal grounds to make sure
that this baby is not moved around again and living homeless if we
kick her out? Can we get temporary custody? Gram

Answer: Dear Gram: I have no legal background and you need to see a good lawyer as soon as possible. Blessings, Luise



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