Cruiser RV, The Light Weight Solution

Question: Dear Luise: Have you ever heard of the Cruiser RV, specifically the Fun Finder model? Spring is here and many people who love to hit the road must be looking at their travel trailers and motor homes with a jaundiced eye. At least that’s what’s happening to us, and our close friends. The problem, of course, is the price of gas. My wife and I were thinking of trading up this spring, but now we are thinking of trading down! We are looking specifically at weight, so we are also looking at “small”. Searching the web we found the Cruiser RV site and were curious if you or any of your readers have had any experience with that make. We’ve never seen one. I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone will respond. Thanks, Sam

Answer: Dear Sam: I don’t know of anyone who has a late model but my son has a 1995 that he just loves. It’s a Shadow not a Fun Finder. They are made in Indiana and we live on the west coast, so I think we naturally see more RVs that are made closer to home.

Kirk and Sandy bought theirs exactly for the reason you mention…weight. It’s a 14 ft. model and cute as a bug. They pull it with a lightweight truck, a Ford Ranger, but I’ve heard that a mid-sized sedan will also do the trick. The space inside for clothes, food and sports equipment is severely limited but they have a canopy on their pickup and have no problem tucking away the overflow back there.

The features they are particularly fond of are the highly protective, Fiberglas front, the huge skylight, the awning and the air conditioner. It’s a first class unit. (There’s an outside shower for people with little kids, too.) They also like the large dinette because it’s big enough for them to do their computer work on and makes into twins or a large king bed. (He’s a big guy.)

When they realized that their huge diesel-pusher was going to require them to limit their travel, they were thinking at first of a new unit. However, the Shadow Cruiser RV they found is in “like-new” shape. Some of the credit for that goes to the former owner but some of it is the integrity of the trailer itself.

So, my answer is “yes and no”…since I don’t have any experience with any models of the Cruiser RV myself. However, having one in the family qualifies me to at least address your question. I also invite our readers to respond to your inquiry. Come on! Let’s hear it for, (or against), the Cruiser RV Fun Finder! Blessings, Luise

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  1. Pat September 11, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    Dear Louise, this is in response to Sam’s question about Fun Finder travel Trailers made by Cruiserrv.

    They are EXCELLENT lightweight travel trailers. We have the 25BH model with a couch slide-out. We find this brand to be a very good basic lightweight travel trailer for 3 season camping. It’s aluminum framework and fiberglass exterior make it look good, last long and makes for a very nice light weight bumper pull trailer. Sam can see pictures of ours at and more comments. Note that we are adding lots of modifications to our travel trailer and Sam can watch these over time if he want to. So, good basic unit, lightweight and priced very right… particularly if you haggle strongly with the dealers this fall. They don’t want to carry inventory over the winter. Thanks. Pat, Linda and Lady dog RVing

  2. Luise September 11, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    Thanks so much! Blessings, Luise

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