Cremation or Burial

Question: Howdy Luise: You really impress me as quite a trooper and wise soul. I enjoy reading all your articles. That said, I was wondering if you had any spiritual insight into the difference between a burial and a cremation? I know this question may seem a little gruesome, but you do have a category for death and afterlife! I think of dying, and my body being put in the ground, and that seems creepy. On the other hand, having my body become ashes sort of takes away any possibility of resurrection. (Which always seemed pretty questionable in my beliefs.) But my family thinks cremation is horrible. Truthfully, I just wish I would ascend, and then this question would just disappear! (Pun intended.) Love to read your thoughts, Clara

Dear Clara: that sounded like a kind of tongue-in-cheek, slightly humorous question…which makes me think you might be young enough not to be very worried about any of this as yet.

It is still interesting to think about, isn’t it? If you live a long life, you will probably not have your immediate family to contend with when you make a decision about the disposal of your earthly remains. What sounds creepy today could sound comforting, decades from now.

I think the thing I would suggest is that this is a very difficult thing to try to imagine from the physical existence we are used to. When we are alive, we are very attached to our bodies and have some strong ideas about what we might want. But what happens after they are no longer of use and of no real interest to us? If you have very strong religious or moral constructs that tell you what you must do, then it’s probably easier.

Here’s what my husbands says about all of this…and he’s 94 years old! He says that he can tell me what the church wants and what he thinks he wants but when he’s gone, he doesn’t feel much of that will really matter, so why don’t I just do what suits me? A used up body with no life left in it is to be disposed of…the resident has moved out.

Keep track of how your feelings change as you grow older and learn more. And if you want to ascend…hey, go for it! Blessings, Luise

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