How Can I Create Abundance

Question: I feel my life has always been an intense struggle to obtain the most elemental needs in my life. How can I attract once and for all, the abundance needed to be able to experience a much-needed break in my life? Regards, Alicia

Answer: Dear Alicia: I know there is inequity in the world, and you sound like someone who has a hard row to hoe. Years ago I read a book entitled, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” by Kuchner. It was slanted more toward catastrophe than lack but I think it applied to both. It was easy for me to read when nothing bad was happening to me. Twenty years later, when my eldest son died in his sleep of a heart condition none of us were aware of, I was in a different boat.

I know a lot is being written about the lack of abundance and you may or may not have read what others are saying about it’s relationship to acceptance, attitudes, life-lessons, intention, etc. If the following is too great a leap-of-faith, please forgive me. I can only respond to you from my own experience, translating the abundance of having both of my sons into the scarcity, despair and lack I felt when one was taken from me. All of the time that I was focusing on what I didn’t have, I was really miserable. I was saying “why me” and rightfully so. I never read about the stages of grieving, and perhaps I should have. But eventually, I got past wondering why so many of my peers still had all of their children by their sides and I was not allowed that luxury. I stopped looking at each holiday with dread. What seeing my life as lacking brought to me was deep misery. I started to look at the abundance that was left, and what was working well for me and brought me pleasure, however fleeting. My perspective shifted…and the gloom left me. If you can do that, I guarantee that your whole world will change, even if nothing really does. Blessings, Luise

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