Luise Volta of MomResponds.comHi, My name is Luise Volta, and I’m happy you’ve found my web site. I published my first blog post on Mother’s Day of 2005. I’m happy to share that I’ve won two awards for my work here.

On Sunday, January 19th 2014 I decided to no longer accept new questions. However, at the top-right of the right-hand sidebar on each page is a search feature and odds are I’ve already answered a question very much like yours.

If you appreciate my free answers and feel you are able to make a donation now, simply click the “Donate” button to the right.

While I no longer accept new questions, you’re welcome to contact me by using the form below.

“I am a writer for the National Directory of Family and Marriage Counseling. I have simply stumbled across your blog and I have found it so inspiring. Thank you for offering your insight to people with a question and answer based blog. I don’t have a question, but rather just a comment: Thank you!”
— Shelly Phegley

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