I Have A Specific Question About Overeating

Question: Dear Luise: I know you have answered several questions about dieting and overeating but mine hasn’t been addressed, probably because it’s pretty specific. I know what I should eat and how much of it. At the beginning of each day
I commit to following that. I know which foods make me feel rotten, which ones trigger me and where my excess weight comes from. However, as the day wears on, I am so drawn to those forbidden foods that I just lose all resolve. I don’t want to think of the consequences, I just want to feel better, even if momentarily. And that’s all it is, a temporary fix. It takes me about ten minutes to devour, (and that’s the right word), my “treat-of-the-day”. Then, the damage is done. I go around and around on this merry-go-round, starting off fresh again the next morning, just to be totaled out by the time the sun goes down. I can’t believe there is no hope. I just can’t. Mary

Answer: Dear Mary: Tough stuff! Good for you for not giving up on yourself. You may be your own worst enemy but you are also your own best friend.

This is such a personal thing. Over and over I have heard people tell about what worked for them, and it is always so varied. Some read a book, some took a seminar, some went to counseling, some had surgery and some figured it out alone.

Overeaters Anonymous worked wonders for my grandson. Not only is the excess weight off, he’s keeping it off. Others do not like groups and don’t respond to that kind of support.

Seminars by Geneen Roth and Carol Hansen have reached hundreds of people by either attending in person, listening to CDs or reading their books. Ann Louise Gittleman has a wonderful website for those plagued by chronic, compulsive overeating.

If you want to go it alone then look at your own values and beliefs for a clue. I have a friend who beat it by stumbling across the idea that faith was the answer. Not faith in a religious sense so much as having figured out for her self that faith went beyond both logic and limitation. She stepped up to the plate and made a silent declaration that she really did believe and have faith in the principle that she would live through not eating in a destructive way. Like you, she knew exactly how that looked. So, every time the overwhelming urge came over her, she just dug in and told her self that she had faith that not having it at that moment wouldn’t kill her. And, moment- to- moment, she’s making it!

Don’t give up. There’s an answer for you because you say so! Blessings, Luise

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