Chinese Herbal Teas

Question: Dear Luise: I think Chinese herbal teas are very cleansing and good for us. I have been drinking green tea and it has really helped me feel better. Do you know where I could get some more information on the health benefits of herbal tea? I know there are other Chinese teas that are good, but I get confused about the adverse effects of caffeine, and wonder if the caffeine counteracts the other good benefits? An online friend, Bev

Answer: Dear Bev: The study of Chinese herbal teas can be very engrossing. Even when you focus on just one, like green tea, you can find an entire book available on that subject alone. The one I know about is called “Green Tea: The Natural Solution For A Healthier Life” by Nancy Taylor…and it is chock full of really interesting information.

It is my understanding that the caffeine content of green tea is about half that of a cup of coffee. Of course that can vary depending on the brand you buy and the strength of your brew. Three to five cups a day are often recommended for the medicinal effects, like staving off cancer.

Black tea is an herbal cleansing tea that offers a cleansing of the digestive track and Oolong has been proven to be an emulsifier for cholesterol. The study of the health benefits of herbal teas can offer a lot of surprises to those of us raised in Western culture.

Flower teas like Jasmine have been well loved down through the ages. Some are without any known curative effects that I’m aware of.

A good place to start to learn more about this subject is the web site: Another good source of information is your local health food store. I often use teas packaged by Traditional Medicinals. I know for sure they have one that is a laxative and one that is for cough. Their chamomile is also a favorite for sleep. I think your interest in Chinese herbal teas could really pay off for you. Blessings, Luise

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