Children Who Hate

Question: Dear Luise: thank you for publishing the story of the children who hate their mom. My children also hate me. Somehow it’s comforting to know I am not the only person who has children who hate. I realize there are no answers. We can only fight and try for so long and then we just have to let go and put it in Gods hands. I am a private duty nurse and some of my clients children love me so much they cry when I leave and block the door. Other peoples children are so wonderful, minister to them and ask God to send someone to minister to the heart of your children that hate. Thats what i am doing and I am thinking of getting a pet. I love you and i love the woman who is hated. M.

Answer: Dear M.: Letting go of expectations is one of the hardest things any of us ever has to learn to do. How others respond to the work you do as a nurse  tells you the truth about your self. If you would like support please come over to my Web-forum at

I would like to add that I think having a pet is incredibly healthy. My dog, Rosa, gives me unconditional love. What a gift! Blessings, Luise

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