Cedar Creek 5th Wheel With A Fireplace

Question: Dear Luise: We have found a Cedar Creek 5th Wheel that we just love and are very, very close to the “B” word, as in BUY! Excited and a little scared. We are jumping from a Coleman Camper Pop Up to a Palace! We are no longer hauling kids and dogs around, and we are getting to where our creature comforts are looking more like necessities. Our question is about the fireplace. It looks darling, and makes a very strong, homey statement…but will we really use it? We are wondering if it’s just a novelty and whether we should use the space more wisely. Have you ever had a RV with a fireplace in it? How was that for you, if you did? In appreciation, Jenny

Answer: Dear Jenny: If you follow through with the “B” word, you are going to find yourselves in an altered state of consciousness on another planet! I have actually been in the unit you are describing. It’s made by Forest River and is incredible!

It sounds like you have owned your Coleman for a long time and got good family use from it, and now your time has come. As in “lets go for it”! No wonder you have butterflies! Many campers trade RVs more often than you have over the years and don’t ever have the kind of radical change you are contemplating. I’m green with envy! What a thrill. You may be a two-rig couple with this unit being your last. It’s sure suited for elderly travel!

Regarding fireplaces, my answer is no and yes. No, I have never purchased a RV with a fireplace in it and, yes, I have added fireplaces. The first time I did that was at Lake Connor Camping Club many years ago. We got a new park model and had a real, wood-burning fireplace installed in it. That wouldn’t have worked if we were pulling it, but we weren’t. It was great to be out in the woods, often in a storm because we live in Washington, and be able to sit in front of a small but very efficient, free-standing unit, toasting our toes and very nearly purring like cats.

The one you are describing is a propane-fueled fireplace, if I remember correctly. I’ve had those in homes and have loved them but never in a RV. What I have in my vintage Argosy is an electric fireplace that is so real I can hardly make myself open the glass door to put my hand on the plastic log when showing friends what we have. It has a heater built into it and I like it so much I have put one in my bedroom at home!

How much you will use it depends on you. I use mine all the time and I’m betting you will, too. Whether the fireplace in your new Cedar Creek 5th Wheel is a novelty soon to be ignored…or an amenity that makes your heart sing for as long as you own the rig, is a very personal thing. There’s only one way to find out! Blessings, Luise

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  1. M. June 28, 2008 at 6:52 pm #

    Our first rig was a Georgetown XL. It had a fireplace in it and we used it all the time…in the mornings it took the chill out of the air and the flame even though it was not real it looks real and very comforting to just sit and watch. We now have a Ceder Creek 5th wheel and it has a fireplace and I love it. We are in Corpus Christi, TX at this time. However when we leave here we will be going to Missouri and I know for a fact that we will be using it there. If you like fireplaces you will enjoy having one in your rig. We wish you great traveling and keep safe.
    As ever, M.

  2. Luise June 29, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Dear M. I agree with you completely. I even put a little free-standing fireplace in my vintage Airstream!
    And when we moved into a very small retirement unit, we put one in the bedroom and a model with a mantel in the living room. They make all the difference! Blessings, Luise

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