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Lets Go Houseboating

Question: Dear Luise: I belong to a small group of close friends who like to vacation together at times. Next summer we all want to do a houseboat excursion. Any ideas of where we should go? We are a wild, fun bunch, (on a quiet scale), and think this would be a great adventure! Wish […]

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East Coast Here We Come

Question: Hi Luise: You are so upbeat! Thanks for answering questions for us folks out here! Hey, I have a two-part question. Part One: Have you ever done a caravan around the US with a group of RVers? Five of us have motorhomes, and we wanted to travel as a group to visit as many […]

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Yellowstone 5th Wheel or Fleetwood Motorhome

Question: Hi Luise: After coming back from seeing the RV dealer, we are torn between a lovely Yellowstone 5th Wheel and a equally lovely but very different Fleetwood Motorhome. Quite simply put, we are overwhelmed with the choice. How can we make up our minds? In looking for a web-based RV forum where people discuss […]

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Coachman Motorhome Or Coachman Fifth Wheel

Question: Dear Luise: We are trying to decide between a Coachman motorhome and a Coachman fifth wheel. They are so different and they are both so nice that we’re having a hard time deciding. Our question is…did you ever use your RV during travel? Did you ever stop at a viewpoint and make a meal, […]

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