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Finding the “Hidden VIN”

Question: Dear Luise: Where can I find the Serial Number and VIN number on a 1967 Pathfinder camper? J. Answer: Dear J.: The only way I know of to find that out is for someone else who has a vintage Pathfinder to respond with the information. Let’s hope someone does. Obviously you have already looked […]

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Have You Heard of This Before

Question: Dear Luise: We just bought a “Mair and Son’s INC” travel trailer. The title says it is a 1963 “Chino”. Have you heard of this before? It has a really cool front window that curves around to the sides. Thanks for your help. Respectfully; M. Answer: Dear M. No, that’s a new one to […]

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What am I Supposed to Do

Question: Dear Luise: Just bought a Franklin Travel Trailer, approx 21′ long, sleeps 6, no idea of age but looks like 1970’s from the decor. Got a notarized bill of sale but need to find a VIN# in order to register it in state of NJ. We looked everywhere, or we think we have…the tongue, […]

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Data on Chinook Vintage Motorhome Sought

Question: Dear Luise: I have found a 1956 Chinook Class C. Were they bult before 1961? If so where can I find info.? Thanks, Kevin Answer: Dear Kevin: When you go back that far, (which is a half a century!), the best way to get reliable data is from other vintage trailer and motor home […]

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Is My Vintage Trailer an Orphan

Question: Luise: Great website! I just bought a 1977 fiberglass trailer manufactured by Compact Equipment Company of California that I think may be what they call an “orphan”. I can’t find any information on this company. I have looked on several vintage travel trailer sites and have found no information on the company or this […]

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Cruiser RV, The Light Weight Solution

Question: Dear Luise: Have you ever heard of the Cruiser RV, specifically the Fun Finder model? Spring is here and many people who love to hit the road must be looking at their travel trailers and motor homes with a jaundiced eye. At least that’s what’s happening to us, and our close friends. The problem, […]

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Cruise The Caribbean Or Drive To Alaska In A RV

Question: Hello Luise: What would you like best as a gift? A Caribbean cruise or a RV trip to Alaska? I like your web site advice column. You certainly offer some great insights on multiple subjects. Perhaps you could help us. My mom and dad are in their mid-50’s and their thirty-fifth anniversary is coming […]

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