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Looking for VIN

Question: Dear Luise: We can`t find the VIN # on our 1973 skyline nomad camper. Please help. Debbie McGruder < Answer: Dear D.: Please go to my home page and on the far right, scroll down to RV Advice. If you read the posts there…you will find suggestions from other readers. Blessings, Luise    

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1962 Cardinal Travel Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: I want to know what can I sell it for; excellent condition, all wood. C. Answer: Dear C.: The value of those ‘oldies but goodies’ is pretty much determined by the buyer. As the commercial value diminishes, the collector’s value can increase. You may want to go to and place a […]

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RV Year and VIN

Question: Dear Luise: HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT YEAR A VINTAGE CAMPER IS BY THE VIN NUMBERS. J. Answer: Dear J.: Good question and I don’t know. Someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles might or a member of . Let us know, if you find out. Blessings, Luise

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No Camper Title or Serial Number

Question: Dear Luise: How to get plates for a pull behind camper dint have a title and cant find serial number on it. N. Answer: Dear N.: If you will read the various posts here under my “RV Advice” category you may get some ideas. The laws vary state to state, as well as country […]

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1958 Hawthorne Tent Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: I am looking for information on my 1958 Hawthorne tent trailer. My husband wants to junk it but I’m trying to convince him it is vintage, even with rust. A. Answer: Dear A. I have no information on that one and I can see your point as well as his. A good […]

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1972 Norris Travel Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: Where may I find information on a 1972 Norris Travel Trailer, 13 foot.  I’m about to go look at one and can find nothing about them.  Thank you, S. Answer: Dear S.: I have no information available on that make. It is what is called and “orphan”, no longer in production. Instructions […]

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Electrical diagram

Question: Dear Luise: I am looking for the electrical diagram for a 1976 Cardinal 16′ trailer. Do you know where I can find one? Thanks, Richard Ash, (714) 788-4391 (Cell)   Answer: Dear Richard: No, I don’t off-hand, but I will put this up online. It’s a long shot but there have been times […]

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Vin Number

Question: Dear Luise: I can not find the vini # on a 32 foot country aire travel trailer. Please advise if possible. My manual says on left side of tongue but nothing there. C. Answer: Dear C.: Often it is done by stamping the tongue so the Vin in recessed. If ithe tongue is painted […]

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