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Relationship Issue Question: Dear Lusie: I just started seeing this guy, we have known each other for 8 years, and dated for a very short period of time 6 years ago. We just decided to give it another shot. I really like him, and really he’s everything I look for in a guy, hes very caring, sweet, romantic, […]

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Alcohol-induced Stupidity

Question: Dear Luise: I came across this column looking for answers and it seems you would be my last hope. I messed up really badly. I got drunk and made advances toward my husband’s friend. Nothing happened but my husband witnessed the whole thing. I even said rude things to him when he confronted me […]

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Should I Marry Him

Question: Dear Luise: I’ve been in a six-year relationship with someone I didn’t really like at first. He showed me so much love but he had a lot of personal problems with his mom. He became abusive I stayed. I had a son by him a year ago. The abuse stopped about four years ago. […]

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Am I Getting Run Around

Question: Dear Luise: My boyfriend and I had a great relationship for 5 years until his stepfather died. He decided we move in with his mother until she got back on her feet. Well another 3 years passed and we were still there. I have noticed that all of the husbandly duties have been put […]

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