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Why Can’t I Have A Dog

Question: Dear Luise: I am ten years old and have been asking for a dog all of my life. My parents like dogs and so do my big brothers but my mother has really bad hay fever and so we’ve never had one. This summer, some friends asked if they could leave their collie, Bonnie, […]

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Abandoned Pets Break My Heart

Question: Dear Luise: I have a terrible time over the way pets are treated. How they are abused, neglected and abandoned. I do what I can but the need to attend to the problem is huge. It just breaks my heart, even thinking about it. Help me, please. Mae Answer: Dear Mae: I’m with you. […]

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How “Knowing” Are Our Pets?

Question: Hello Luise: It seems to me that my little dog knows what is going on around him, and is really sensitive to the family, and especially to me. Are our pets, dogs especially, more intelligent and aware than most of us realize? I sometimes think mine has come to be my teacher. What’s their […]

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