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Motivation Coach Needed

Question: Hello Luise: Sure could use a motivation coach or someone who could give me some guidance on how to get motivated. Seems I spend all my time taking care of everyone else, and when it gets time to do something for me, I am too tired or afraid to try new things. I sometimes […]

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My Life Seems Stale

Question: Dear Luise: I often feel a sense of wanting to be someplace else. I am surrounded by friends and family, have a successful career, and live in comfort. I want to learn to enjoy where I am and what I have and learn to honestly feel a deeper sense of contentment. Can you advise […]

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There is No Passion In My Life

Question: Dear Luise: My work has become a very dull experience for me. I lack passion in my life. I don’t necessarily want to change what I do, but I would like to know how to be filled with enthusiasm. I’ve read that passion is the ingredient that makes life worth living. Is it something […]

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