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Nasty Sinus Infections

Question: Dear Luise: Could you please give me information on combating sinus infection naturally? I am juicing carrots, parsley, raw veggies, adding garlic. Does raw pineapple help? I understand sugar and milk products are mucous producing. Thanks so much. C. Answer: Dear C. I would suggest Blessings, Luise

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Tingling/Pulsating Sensations in Left Leg

Question: Dear Luise: I have been having a tingling, pulsating sensation that seams to happen with every heartbeat. This sensation runs up and down my left thigh front. It seams to also feel numb at times. I don’t think the numbness is my imagination and I know the pulsating tingle definitely isn’t. Is this anything […]

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What’s Wrong with my Mom

Question: Dear Luise: My mom is always tired, weak, congested and having trouble breathing. Having these symptoms, what are possibilities of allergies? D. Answer: Dear D.: The pattern you’re describing may be more than allergies. Many illnesses, some very serious ones, have similar symptoms and should not be ignored because the cause is unknown. You […]

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Can Tubal Ligation Fail

Question: Dear Luise: My question is a common one, but one that no one can really fully answer. I had my tubes tied in 1993 immediately following the birth of my son. This month my cycle only spotted a little. I have been feeling like I am pregnant but don’t want to get my hopes […]

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Why Does Red Wine Give Me Headaches

Question: Dear Luise: What can I do to keep from getting a headache when I drink red wine or grape juice? This also happens when I eat red grapes. Looking for the benefits of Red Wine in Michigan. Thank You. Sharon Answer: Dear Sharon: There are definite, proven benefits that can be gained from drinking […]

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