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I Just Want The Nightmares To Stop

Question: Dear Luise: It have been few months since my father committed suicide. I had to plan the funeral and gave eulogy speech. I did not cry at funeral and ever since. I feel emotionally distant from people and could not be emotionally involved with anyone. I have nightmares about my father everyday because I […]

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I’m In Constant Pain

Question: Dear Luise: what do I do when I’m in constant pain? I go to the doctor regularly and she understands why I’m in pain. My doctor prescribes pain meds, but it is not pain a pill can help, unless I’m so doped up that I become a zombie.  I don’t want to to feel like […]

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Why The Overweight Put-downs?

Question: Dear Luise: I am currently overweight. I know that. But I am extremely happy in every other area of my life; I have good friends, a boyfriend, and am likely to attend the school of my dreams. But my mother is always making comments about my weight. While it is never totally direct she […]

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I Feel Like a Total Loser

Question: Dear Luise: Let me start by telling you that I am a Christian and believe God is ultimately in control of everything and trust Him completely, but I have a situation with my health that I need prayer.  I don’t know if it’s mental or physical but I am at the brink of thinking […]

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Medical Dilemma

Question: Dear Luise: if you feel very, very, very active should you go on birth control even if your not having sex and never took birth control. L. Answer: Dear L.: I have no idea. Better take that question to your doctor. It is not wise to try to get this kind of advice online. […]

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