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She Needs Help

Question: Dear Luise: My granddaughter got in to some trouble when she was living with her father my son . She was getting help until her mother went and took her and her sister away from him while he was at work. I have many grandkids and love them all. But either here are there […]

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She Has So Much Potential

Question: Dear Luise: where can I download information to help a young lady I know, she has been out in the world on her own since she was 14, has a 2 year old child her aunty and uncle take care off, she is so used to being on her own and fending for herself […]

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How Can He Spot That Trait Again

Question: Dear Luise: what is the best way to help my son?  He is 35, an actor, and has just separated from his wife.  He is an easy going person and she is a very abusive person……..extremely abusive.  From moment to moment she put him down, degraded him and told him that he was of no […]

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We Get Angry

Question: Dear Luise: How do you talk about money/job matters with adult children (son and daughter-in-law) without anger? K. Answer: Dear K.; You pretty much don’t…because they are adults, even if in name only, and it’s their business, not ours. They need to be turned loose and left to their own devices. We no longer […]

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Can I Take Legal Action

Question: Dear Luise: We raised our Granddaughter from the time she was 12 till she was 18. When she met her current husband she started changing in her attitude with us. They had a premature baby and we were there for all of them from the very beginning and for the first year things went […]

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He’s Actually A Really Nice Boy

Question: Dear Luise: I have a 4 year old son who is not talking/understanding us so well. The doctors keep pointing towards Autism. He is being check out by the Children’s hospital next month. He’s not so bad, just late with talking, and it seems sometimes he’s in his own world. He also has a […]

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She’s Not To See Us

Question: Dear Luise:  i’am 38 yrs old and have a daughter who is 19yrs just got married and told by her husband you are not to see your family or i will divorce you can she is very scared and sticking to his rule is this allowed in australia she is always crying to see […]

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