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Future Career In Golf Hypnosis

Question: Hello Luise: I love golf, live in Palm Springs, California and would like to begin a new career as a Golf Hypnosis Coach. I have some background in the health field, and I am thinking of studying golf hypnosis…or should I say I want to work with people to help them improve their game. […]

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I Hate My Co-workers

Question: Dear Luise: The people in my office drive me nuts. They are disruptive and disrespectful. They make inane comments and ask stupid questions. I try to mind my own business but they won’t leave me alone and they don’t do enough work to bother coming in. I can’t afford to quit and I find […]

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We Want Her Out Of Here

Question: Dear Luise: Everything at our office was going smoothly until a new employee messed it all up. She is always disruptive, noisy and laughing. She did some work that was seen as outstanding and innovative and got promoted to mid-level supervisor, which is what I am. And just because we were a little cool […]

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Career Dilemma Is Paralyzing

Question: Dear Luise: For the past several years I have been experiencing a number of physical problems that have made it challenging to begin my massage therapy practice. My marriage, also, has not been terribly great during this time. I do have the opportunity to sell cosmetics, yet that possibility is intimidating as the cosmetics […]

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I’m Scared. I Can’t Find Work!

Question: Dear Luise: I am worried sick since I haven’t had a stable job for more than 2 years now. I get on-and-off temp jobs every now and then. I used to work as a secretary, but due to my age (I call this discrimination) I have been informed (basically by job agencies) I can […]

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How Do I Combine Work and Play?

Question: Dear Luise: Sometimes I feel like I’m two separate people. I have the side of me that is hard working and the side that loves to goof off. I seem to either be in one mode or the other without any real ability to combine or balance them very well. Any ideas? Howard Answer: […]

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