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Ready to Hit the Road

Question: Dear Luise: I’m interested in doing a month long trip this summer starting on the west coast. I do not own an RV but love to camp. Any suggestions? I am a healthy 66 years old. I have been thinking of purchasing a small camping trailer. E. Answer: Dear E:  When I was your […]

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I Feel Lost Right Now

Question: Dear Luise: All of my life I have felt this need to be better-than or greater. This has pushed me to some great successes but now it is creating a lot of strife. Right now I have started a new job that I do not feel is right for me. It’s in a field […]

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Riding An Emotional Roller Coaster

Question: Dear Luise: I am swinging from feeling like I am in Nirvana while looking at world events with the Muslins as a chance for all of us to all find a way to get along…to feeling deeply depressed when hearing that they have done such brutal acts that I am feeling afraid, thinking they […]

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How Do I Get Out Of This

Question: Dear Luise: I have reconnected recently with an old flame from many years ago. We have good memories but nothing in common. Because we are both alone, we made more of it than is real and I don’t know what to do now to backtrack. He thinks we have a future but I know […]

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I Refuse To Return Her Anger

Question: Dear Luise: Here I am 77yrs old and never in the world thought my daughter would turn on me. She is 49 and divorced twice from alcoholics.  She has a live-in that is showing signs of alcoholism.  when I first met him she later asked me what I thought.  I am a little psychic: […]

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We’re Updating Our Wil

Question: Dear Luise: Our son is 50, unmarried, and totally estranged from us.  We have analyzed the situation over and over.  We are not monsters, but perhaps we have been too generous over the years.  I recently heard that spoiled children often turn against their parents and so maybe this is the case.  Our daughter […]

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How Do I Restore The Relationships

Question: Dear Luise: Until my son and daughter were in college, we were extremely close.  In 1990 I discovered that my husband had “loaned” the money I had worked for and saved for their educations to his brother, which was never paid back. Also, my husband, a military officer, retired just before making full colonel […]

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