Cruise The Caribbean Or Drive To Alaska In A RV

Question: Hello Luise: What would you like best as a gift? A Caribbean cruise or a RV trip to Alaska? I like your web site advice column. You certainly offer some great insights on multiple subjects. Perhaps you could help us. My mom and dad are in their mid-50’s and their thirty-fifth anniversary is coming up next summer. We can’t decide among us if we kids should give them a Caribbean cruise or rent them a motorhome for a trip to Alaska. Or maybe should we present them with a cash gift and let them go wherever they wish? What do you think? They used to have a motorhome and loved it, but had to sell it due to finances. Thanks, Nathan

Answer: Dear Nathan: This is a tough question because you want to do what would please your parents most and don’t know what that is.

Is there any way someone could pump them on the subject? Maybe a friend of theirs would do that for you. If not, why not give them the cruise with a stipulation that it can be exchanged for a motorhome rental if that has more appeal? Make up a certificate without actually making the reservations. That would allow them the freedom to select their destination and the dates that would work best.

If you want to be really creative another way to do this is to make reservations for them on the Alaska Ferry with a motorhome rental when they reach Anchorage. That would tickle me pink but I don’t know what your parent’s tastes are. The only catch there is you often have to make them a long time in advance, so, again, you might be presenting them with a certificate without the specifics.

I would not suggest that you present them with a check. They might go practical on you and stay at home. Ask them to pick the Caribbean cruise or the Alaska motorhome jaunt, (unless they want the package deal). It’s time to celebrate in style. Blessings, Luise

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