Can I Start Over As An RVer?

Question: Dear Luise: I am so happy to find your website and hope you can give me some advice.  I’m 64 years old.  My life has had many bad events, situations, etc.  I feel if I stay where I am…twenty years in the same town, state, job…I’ll feel even older than I actually am, if that’s possible.  I’ve been reading everything I can find on travel trailers.  This was something I wanted to do at a much younger age but it just didn’t happen.  I love camping, fishing and would like to return to these two activities but am I too old?  I’m looking for a small motorhome…don’t think I could anything between two trees….it has to be inexpensive too. I think I would go to national parks, or places where I wouldn’t have problems with my dogs being with me.  I don’t mind being alone, I talk to people but I don’t have much small talk in me. Is there any chance for me to start over? What do you think? H.

Answer: Dear H.: Of course you can start over! I started my single RVing at age 60 and my lovely God-daughter is starting out at age 65!

Make sure you get a good support system. I recommend the Escapees Club. It was started by and is run by RVers, not the industry.  Go to: .You can learn a great deal there before you hit the road.

I also think a membership in a group of parks like Thousand Trails is very useful. Go to: I always felt very secure there and knew what to expect. They used to have a singles club called The Lone Eagles. We often caravanned between parks.

I bought a membership in a camping club called Port Susan. You can find it at: That way I had a place to park my rig when I wasn’t traveling and could spend time (retreats) there as often as I wished. Some people sell their homes and get two lots there for a permanent address. You can stay as long as 6 months on each lot. Many others are “Snowbirds” and summer there.

My recommendation if you can’t get a new rig, is a used Toyota motor home. They are good on gas and easy to drive. I had a Sunrader. My God-daughter just got a Toyota Itaska. She found it on Craig’s list. Don’t get the 1/2 ton or the 4 cylinder, they are underpowered. You need 6 cylinders and a 1 ton.

I towed a small pick-up, which is easier than it sounds, so I could set up and then come and go as I wished. Happy Trails! Blessings, Luise

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