Thousand Trails Campgrounds and Quartzsite Campgrounds For Single Women

Entering into the new world of RV camping as a woman alone brought a lot of fears and insecurities to the surface for me because at first I didn’t know anything about the Thousand Trails Campgrounds or Quartzsite campgrounds. What if I broke down and needed used motorhome parts and motorhome service? What if I found mostly couples in the parks and had to deal with lonliness a long way from home? What if…what if?

I found my solution in obtaining a membership to the Thousand Trails Camping Club that allowed me an endless series of two-week stays in any of their parks where I chose to stop. What a relief to immediately be asked to join the “Lone Eagles”, their singles group. There’s just nothing like entering a park, signing in as a Lone Eagle club member and immediately knowing who else is there by reading the roster. They have potlucks, side trips, craft fairs, campfires…you name it, and they’re up for it. Soon, I started making friends and feeling like I had an extended family. Every once in a while, there’s a wedding and two less Lone Eagles! Ostracizing them is seen as great fun!

The pattern that most of us followed was to caravan South from one Thousand Trails park to another along the west coast of the USA until we left the Thousand Trails umbrella and selected one of the Quartzsite Campgrounds for our winter stay.

Two benefits soon evolved out of the caravanning arrangement and Lone Eagle sub-culture for me. The first was the safety that came out of traveling with others from one park to another. We were often going in different directions, but, at the same time, someone always seemed to be heading to the same park I had chosen. I did have a breakdown, soon after I hit the road. Another rig immediately stopped and helped me find adequate repair service. Then, they waited until I was ready to go on. I could hardly believe it! The second benefit was we often chose sites close to each other when we arrived. A woman alone was never “alone”…there were lots of us!

Another delight was that my desire to see inside some really fabulous rigs, like the prestigious motorhome Safari Panther, was satisfied. Wow! You have to see it to believe it! I’d been drooling over Safari motorhomes for years! The Lone Eagles love having “open house” parties where we all go from one unit to another chatting, “legally” snooping, and stuffing ourselves with snacks at each stop.

Then, once we were set up in the various Quartzsite Campgrounds for the winter, we kept in touch until we headed North in the Spring back to the Thousand Trails Campbrounds. What a life for modern-day nomads!

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  1. B. September 25, 2008 at 11:06 am #

    Dear Luise: Just purchased a slide in camper and a truck. Cant wait to take it out alone. Found this site. Sounds great but was wondering on the average age group. I’m 46 and play bluegrass and would like to hit mostly festival spots where I could play music, (guitar,sing,etc). B.

  2. Luise September 25, 2008 at 3:14 pm #

    Dear B. The population in RV campgrounds is younger in the summer when families with kids are on vacation, than it is in the winter when retired people are moving about. But there’s usually a smattering of both all year. Once you hit the trail, you will probably meet other like-minded musicians who will be going your way. Singalongs in the clubhouse occur quite regularly… even when one person pulls out a guitar or some other instrument and tunes up. People are drawn to it and it’s a great way to get acquainted and find out where other musicians are headed. Blessings, Luise

  3. B. August 28, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    I’m a 60 year old female who is thinking strongly of getting a minihome and venturing out. I still work but thanks to technology I can take my computer and work with me. Just looking for a nice warm change from the cold winter months here in the northern country. Would like to connect with a group so I too to enjoy but yet feel safe. B.

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