Senior RV Camping: Campers World Retreat

There are times, and they actually come quite often, when I yearn for the campers world of peace and quiet that only a forest can offer. Are you like that, too? A little prime time with no phones, no television and no computer can be a many-splendored thing. Ah, Silence. There’s something in me that resists intrusion and life is often an intrusive experience.

Time is a problem, because when I get some to spare, I don’t want to spend it getting to and from a retreat spot. And packing is another issue. What I’ve been wrestling with is how to recharge my battery without creating myriad complications that reduce the positive effects. If a proposed retreat causes stress, what’s the point, right?

Come with me then to what I have dubbed “The Solution”. It’s down the road…yet close to home. Port Susan Camping Club offers over seven hundred acres of woods and waters to people who want to run and hide. A membership provides an individual campsite for further development, 24 hour security, which is pretty important these days, and tons of solitude. My Argosy travel trailer, vintage 1971 and manufactured by Airstream, is my pride and joy. Since I keep basic clothing and food there, I only need some fresh fruit and veggies and I’m off.

On a summer’s night I often make “Some Mores” on my little deck and reflect back on days gone by when I was a young, stary-eyed Girl Scout. I have one of those American Camper Stoves that use propane. It always works like a charm. I think that’s my number one retreat delight. Right behind it, in the number two spot, is a stormy night with rain on the roof. Talk about relaxing!

Think about it…would giving yourself such a lovely, lasting gift offer you a shot at longevity? A campers world can be a breath of fresh air in more ways than one!

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  1. The Englishman January 25, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    Its a tough ace to play but I…we agree with your ethos. Had the 3 day boozing sessions sex and rock and roll. All thats important now is my Princess and solitude and above all security. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or the 60’s tunes drifting in the evening air not loud enough to obscure the conversation or the crackle of the campfire … just enough thanks. Wine and no profanity or gutter talk – Boring I guess but when you’ve been there, seen it and done it, it gets same y, you want better and so seek it with vigour.

    Im not a prude dude Im a realist and I cant kick it like I used to anymore so think it sad and sullen but all we want is safe place, peace and quiet and a cup of hot PG Tips tea or coffee if we cant get that in the US (which we cant)

    Were in our 50’s and want nothing else but each other and the simple life – Tough ace for many to play I guess

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