A Great Heat and Light Idea for RVers and Campers Without Power

Question: Hi Luise: Your article on Retired Baby Boomers Living Off the Grid made the top 5 at www.Care2.com , well done! I am an environmental inventor/manufacturer. I am currently manufacturing a candle holder which coverts the heat of a candle flame into dry radiant space heat. I am a low key, cottage industry based and relying on gorilla marketing, (but nice gorilla). Contact www.heatstick.com for photos and information. An excellent assist for RVers and a “no-brainer” for those who like to burn candles…might as well get the heat. Hand crafted, no moving parts, and very unique in appearance. I am available at 707-442-5459 for phone interview. Warm wishes, Doyle

Answer: Dear Doyle: Thanks for the feedback on my Baby Boomers web article.

It seems to me that your invention has a lot to offer campers and RVers who are also temporarily “off the grid” and are without both light and heat. That has happened to us more than once…usually not by design. One time it was just a missed turn up in Canada. We found ourselves so far beyond our proposed RV park that we decided to call it quits in the parking lot of a ranger station. Ah, “the best laid plans”, etc.

I can also see my daughter using one or more of your unique candle holders in her A-frame cabin up in the Cascade foothills, where violent storms knock our her power on a regular basis. The aroma therapy idea is intriguing. She would probably want to try that, too.

Good luck on your invention and distribution! Blessings, Luise

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