Camper VIN Number

Question: Dear Luise: please tell me where is the vin number locate at on a 1984 sportsmen camper. I asked earlier but you might have been busy, it’s getting dark soon and I need to locate it before husband goes to bed. L.

Answer: Dear L. I’m afraid my turnaround time here is not what you needed. I still had to put you ahead of nine other people.

If you are talking about my definition of a camper it is a unit you put in the bed of a pickup. The last one I had didn’t require a VIN number or license because they were considered personal property not vehicles. If you are referring to a travel trailer, some people call then campers, there has never been any standardization regarding VIN numbers, unfortunately. I have found them on the tongue and on the front crossbar support, but not always.  Sometimes besides paint, there’s rust that needs to be removed. Good luck. Blessings, Luise

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