I Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Me

Question: Dear Luise: Well, I have been very sick for the past year. I guess I pushed my self too hard with work, and had some kind of breakdown. I’ve had all kinds of tests done. I have chest pain every day and back pain, too. It feels as though I’m going to have a heart attack, which is not a good feeling. Do you think the doctors will find out what is wrong with me? I just can’t stand another day like this. I would like to thank you for helping. God bless you. Lisa

Answer: Dear Lisa: Thank you for writing. What a truly tough situation. You must know that I have no way of knowing what will happen between you and your doctors. If only I did, but the future is just that…it’s not here yet.

I have a close acquaintance who has a similar situation. She’s disabled, and no one knows what’s causing it. Tons of tests, lots of doctors and years of suffering with no answers. Until that happened to someone really close to me, I was pretty naive, thinking, as many people do, that there is a test for everything and nothing goes undiagnosed. My friend hasn’t given up and the doctors haven’t given up on her, either. However, she is making a life for herself, in the meantime, from her wheel chair and within the confines of her home. I don’t know if I could be that courageous…or that accepting. Yet, I can’t see many other options.

Certainly, I have no medical data regarding pain control and symptom relief. All I can say is that there is a great deal we don’t know yet about the body and how it works. You mentioned overworking and that is something that is becoming a serious medical issue for many people today. The body has limits, and we are all so different, that we often can’t figure out what our limits are, except after the fact. You also mentioned God, in closing. He may be the Friend that can help you the most with this. Blessings, Luise

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