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Question: Dear Luise: I am in my first year of college and find that I am challenged regularly regarding my beliefs. I know that’s part of the educational process, still right after I start to believe something, doubt seems to always follow. I’d sure like some coaching, about spiritual matters, especially…and how to get to basic truths. Thanks. Andy

Answer: Dear Andy: That’s a tough question. As you move on through school you may find that truth can often be a very slippery and fleeting thing while doubt emerges as a sign of wisdom. Absolutes come and go and blacks and whites fade into grays. Have you ever watched a serious debate? It can be very unnerving to find so much that is convincing from two opposite points of view. You can also read different sets of well-documented statistics on a subject and find that they each “prove” opposing concepts. Separate, well-written books published by distinguished authors can be for or against an issue or principle leaving your hopes for one clear and truthful outcome unfulfilled.

When you enter into the spiritual domain, it can get even more dicey. Authorities abound with impressive credentials, yet when you try to seek out an absolute truth, one authority’s approach will often refute another’s and fear may be added to the mix. It’ s wise to be well read and it is also wise not to believe everything you read. Parents often tell their children the “truth” and forget to add, “as I see it.” In the end, you will have to go with your intuition, your gut and your horse sense. Settle for what works for you intellectually and emotionally based on information that appeals to your conceptual boundaries. And, if you can, stay open at the same time to broaden you own, individual truths as you travel the road of life and experience. Blessings, Luise

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