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Question: Hi Luise: I would like some help with Bedroom Interior Design. I love the variety of subjects on your site and the common sense advice. We are going to build our own home and I want our bedroom to be really nice. I’m not interested in a huge area or costly features just for show. We are retired, if you’d like an age category. Do you have any thoughts that you might want to share on this subject? Thank you, Arlene

Answer: Dear Arlene. I appreciate your kind words about my website, which has grown, like Topsy, into many facets. I just kind of follow my readers unless they go someplace I don’t want to go, or can’t.

I will tell you what I did in a similar set of circumstances and it worked very well. I designed a kind of Shangri La bedroom where we felt very much at home. We had a sitting room, a sleeping room, a bathroom and a deck. Since it was lakefront property, we also had a door out of the bathroom to the back deck and down to the lake, so we could come in that way and ditch our swimming suits. The private deck was off the sleep room and we left the sliding glass door open much of the time.

The area under us was a fitness room with a hot tub, so we had a very quiet spot. I designed the sleeping area with one long wall entirely in closets. (My idea of heaven.) The TV was built in and we had headsets in case one of us wanted to sleep and the other didn’t.

The deck wasn’t large but it did the job nicely. We put bird feeders and birdbaths on the far rail so we could watch them, and their uninvited guests…small, Douglas squirrels.

For us a fireplace was a must…but I think that’s something you either adore or can’t see what the big deal is. The fireplace, the view, the deck and the TV were all opposite the area where the bed was. We put a small sound system into the built in headboard and enjoyed that, too.

My only regret is one you probably won’t have to face…we were both still working and simply didn’t have as much time as we’d have liked to enjoy it.

I picked warm colors because it faced north…a soft tangerine, muted browns and beiges. Choose your colors based on both preference and available light. I also kept the room semi-tailored, so my husband felt comfortable there.

Thanks for asking such an interesting question. I hope I have given you some Bedroom Interior Design ideas that will work for you. Blessings, Luise

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