Are Older RVs OK in Camping Clubs and Parks

Question: Dear Luise: Are there places where an older RV is not welcome? G.

Answer: Dear G. Yes, at the Port Susan Camping Club, for instance, they do an inspection on all incoming RVs to be sure they are fully functional. Those that aren’t are turned away.

It isn’t about age, however, there are many wonderful, vintage RVs there…it’s the condition that is under scrutiny. All RVs must be dry and livable and all water, propane and electric systems must be safe and reliable.

I believe inspections started as the result of a few members bringing in RVs to be rebuilt and then never following through, thus creating eyesores. But there is a serious safety factor, as well. The park is heavily wooded and a fire could be a terrible tragedy. Water is at a premium at times, too, and a leaking unit could present problems.

If you keep your RV up, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. There are also many RVs at Port Susan that are no longer road-worthy. They were when they arrived but that can change with time. Some people vacation there, some are snowbirds and others make it their permanent residence. Blessings, Luise

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