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Question: Dear Luise: Is there any info available on Ideal of Idaho Inc.? I purchased a house and we found an abandoned travel trailer made by Ideal that is in surprisingly good condition and are seriously thinking of restoring it and using it. I have found out that the trailer is what they refer to as an orphan. It’s a 27′ fully self-contained but don’t know if they are legal to use any more due to age. We have checked it out and aside from a small section of dry rot in the bedroom area and the stove not working, everything else works on it. Is there anyway to find out the specs on the trailer with the company out of business. S.

Dear S.: If you are willing to do some research, you might contact the Idaho State Offices and ask who you could talk to regarding Idaho’s commercial history. That person might be able to give you the name of the city where the Ideal was made. Then you could contact the Chamber of Commerce there to see if they know of anyone who might have some information for you.

There are many older RVs on the road and many hobbyists who find restoring and using them to be great fun. It sounds to me like you have made a real find.

Orphans are often hard to trace but the Ideal was once a well-known and well-respected RV. You may get some valuable information from:  Blessings, Luise

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