Black Ants in my Camper

Question: Dear Luise: I just bought a used pop up camper that had been sitting for a while. While opening it we found it covered inside with ants, black ants and lots of eggs. I’m sure this happens a lot. How can I clean this out and prevent this from happening when I close the camper back up? K.

Answer: Dear K.: I know this may sound radical, but if that happened to me, I think I would call an extermination company and turn them loose in there. (I hate to wake up at night with something crawling on me!) Then, I would ask them what to do to keep to it from happening again. Especially what you might put on the tires and the ground around and under the tires to deter ants, (if that’s the only place it makes contact with the ground.)

My second choice would be to go to a good hardware store and also a good RV parts and accessories store to talk with knowledgeable employees about the products they might recommend.

One more source of information might be the manufacturer of the pop up camper. This can’t possibly be a new complaint to them.

Here’s my own ant story for your entertainment; we once set a portable, automobile air conditioner that recycled water over straw, onto the ground when we were staying in our camper in Missouri. When we left, we put it back in our car and plugged it into the cigarette lighter receptacle. As we drove down the highway, legions of red, biting ants poured out all over the car, (and us!). Ah, the joys of camping. Blessings, Luise

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