Am I Abnormal

Question: Dear Luise: my mum passed away 2 weeks ago, she was 84, one thing is I have not cried, I feel blessed for her, happy for her, as she wished to go, as in so much pain. i loved my mum so very much, cared for her so why am i not grieving, its like mum s wishes came true, as she prayed every night for god to take her. am i abnormal. J.

Answer: Dear J.: You are normal and healthy and realistic. There is no sense at all in putting yourself through the misery of not seeing the blessings your mother’s death was. You are going to miss her and that is also healthy and normal. It doesn’t have to involve pain and suffering.

My husband will be 100 years old on October 4th. He’s in the nursing home on the retirement community campus where I live and I go over every day and see him…taking his little dog along for him to hold and love. He is done. He’s tired out. He’s ready…and so am I. Blessings, Luise

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